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5 Tips to Build a Better Strength Training Routine

It’s no secret that strength training should be an integral part of your overall fitness and health routine. Sure, cardio has plenty of its own benefits, but lifting weights has been proven to strengthen bones, build muscle, improve heart health, boost your metabolism, and help you lose weight.

Incorporating strength training and weights into your tried-and-true fitness routine can be intimidating. Here are 5 easy tips to help you build a weightlifting program you’ll love and stick to!

  1. Make a Goal - Goals are important, at the gym and in life. From “getting stronger” to “keeping up with my kids” or “benching my dream weight of X lbs” – Goals can look different for everybody. They will keep you motivated, challenged, and working towards your dreams on even the hardest of days.

  2. Start Small - The key to strength training is progression over time. If you’re just getting started or returning to fitness after a break, give yourself some grace, but be committed and progress. Start with bodyweight exercises, assess your fitness level, and be patient. You’ll increase your chances for success, and decrease your risk for injury.

  3. Enlist a Pro - Consider working with a trainer or exploring small group training to help you achieve your goals. You’ll learn proper technique, stay accountable, get guidance, and build a sense of community with a like-minded crew.

  4. Eat More Protein - Protein contains amino acids, which are essential to building muscle. While you’re putting in time at the gym, don’t forget about what you’re putting in your body. Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial to seeing the results you want (and deserve!) from your strength training. Reach out to a nutritionist to help you determine just how much protein you need each day.

  5. Stick to a Schedule - Planning your workout schedule each week is an easy way to stay accountable and on track. We recommend strength training at least 3x a week for optimal results with a mix of exercises that target a variety of muscle groups. Add in walks, hiking, bike rides, or any activity you enjoy to keep you moving and motivated.

At Train4Life, we’re here to help you achieve your fitness goals through a 360-degree approach that’s tailored to you and your goals. Through a combo of strength training, nutrition, cardio, and community – we strive to motivate our clients to live their very best lives for years to come.

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