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Optimal Health & Nutrition is the in-house nutrition coaching, shake, and tea bar at Train4Life gym in Marshfield, Mass. Owner, Alisha Tsimbidaros, is a certified nutrition specialist, personal trainer, and fitness coach. She provides clients the tools they need to build a plan tailored to their lifestyle and build long-lasting habits that become easy, consistent, and automatic, whether the goal is to lose weight, build muscle, look and feel better, or optimize athletic performance.

Alisha’s firsthand experience with dieting drama led her to focus on the science behind nutrition and training. By learning how to achieve balance instead of resorting to restriction and exhaustion, Optimal Health & Nutrition was born. Now, she focuses on nutritional coaching and helping people achieve, maintain and simplify nutritional balance.

Stop by at Train4Life in Marshfield, MA to chat about the packages, grab a nutritional shake or tea, and get to know Alisha!


  • KickStart | 8 weeks - $499 | 12 weeks- $599 | It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

    • Custom macronutrient-based nutrition breakdowns. As we work together, we will make adjustments to your caloric intake based on body composition, hunger cues, and activity levels.

    • Evaluation of food logs

    • App access for meal tracking and in-app messaging with your nutrition specialist

    • One-on-one weekly check-in with measurements, reviews, and adjustments

    • Meal suggestions, food tips, and tricks 

    • Education, content, and accountability 

  • 1 on 1 Nutritional Strategies | 4 weeks - $199

    • Goal-specific macronutrient breakdown

    • Weekly one-on-one meetings to help simplify nutrition. We will sit down, and learn about you, the foods you love, and how to plan ways to incorporate and plan them into your macros week to week. 

  • Stay on course | $99 per month (Remote)

    • For more experienced macro trackers 

    • Managing dietary strategies

    • Custom and goal-specific macronutrient breakdown 

    • In-app meal tracker, guidance, adjustments, and Q and A if needed



Alisha started her own health and wellness journey nine years ago after a decade of failed diet attempts, and running herself into the ground at the gym trying to get that perfect result. After focusing on the science behind nutrition to achieve balance instead of resorting to restriction, she’s finally ditched the dieting drama for good. 


Now, she’s dedicated to helping others find that balance and build long-lasting habits that become easy, consistent, and automatic. Her nutrition coaching is designed to fit your lifestyle.

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified 

ISSA Certified Nutrition Specialist

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

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Do it twice = Repetition

Do it a few times = Behavior

Do it multiple months = Habit

Do it for a year plus = Lifestyle

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