Small Group Training

If you thrive off the energy of others and working out alongside others, small group creates a community setting that allows you to benefit from a group and the energy of others.

Why Small Group Training?

Our Small Group Training sessions allow you to get all of the benefits of a personal trainer? Looking to work out with a partner? Have a group of friends who are committed to embracing active living and a health lifestyle together? Our T4L team will provide a personal trainer, and the facilities necessary to give your team an incredible workout. We provide an intimate environment in a small group setting of between 2-4 people where each person can excel and take their training to the next level. All participants benefit from the personal coaching and strength training program designed to meet each. This allows the group to workout together, and focus on meeting their personal goals, while simultaneously supporting each other. By working together, small groups are able to help motivate and push each other to not only meet their goals, but exceed their expectations of what they thought was possible. This small group setting creates a unique community for you to be a part of and to belong to!

Small Group Training Cost

60 minute sessions


10 sessions - $1,000

22 sessions - $2,000

Plus $29 Usage Fee per month per person