Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training is a flexible and affordable option to traditional personal training.

How the Train4Life Program came about

The origins of the Train4Life program, have been a compilation of different training experiences. As
youth I had the privilege of working out in a unique setting where the owner of the gym taught all of his
members a method of training. I applied these methods for the first five years of my training and got
amazing results.

After graduating High School, I attended College where I played football. In college there was an
emphasis on strength and power. I adopted these principals for certain parts of the year, applied some
speed and conditioning work during the summer workouts. After College, I began competing in
bodybuilding. I began applying new training techniques, as well as adapting to a lifestyle through
nutrition. Over the next 20 years I would research and try hundreds of training techniques and

The result is the culmination of almost 25 years of research and trials. The Train4Life Program.
Utilizing 4 major Principals of training:
1. Load(Weight)
2. Volume(Reps)
3. Time (rest intervals)
4. Time under tension (the exact amount time the muscle is either eccentric or concentric during a

The Train4Life program utilizes these principal throughout a 13 phase, 52 week program to deliver
continuous results without any training plateaus. We accomplish this by moving the client in an d out of
a variety of different training techniques, which in turn keeps the body from adapting to a particular

What is Online Personal Training?

Train4Life’s online personal training is a flexible and affordable option to traditional personal training. The program is incredibly unique as not only does it provide workout structure, but it also allows the trainers to individualize movements, reps, sets, volume and tempo. The backbone of the program is a 13 phase program designed utilizing specific physiological philosophies. Each phase is 4 weeks long which allows your body the ability to adapt but won’t let it over adapt therefore minimizing results. Each phase offers the ability to be adapted to the level of the trainee as to prevent injury and maximize there results. Each exercise in the program has an accompanying video for those who choose to use the program on their own. 


This is also where we program the cardiovascular exercise and your nutrition program. 

In addition it allows the client to track all of their progress, including reps and sets completed as well as weight used during exercise. 


Finally it has a built in function that allows the trainer constant monitoring... it tells what you did and didn’t do

Available anytime at any location. You do not need to be a member of Train4Life to take advantage of this life changing program!

Online Personal Training includes:

  • Daily customized workouts

  • Basic Nutrition guide

  • Train4Life Coach

  • Daily check-ins

  • Communication with your coach

  • Tracking and progress 

Online Personal Training Cost


You do not need to be a member of Train4Life

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