Stories like these really embody and highlight the inspiring place that Train4Life is. Congrats to Chris as he continues to smash his goals everyday!

This gym impresses me more and more everyday. Not only is your staff thoroughly accommodating and your training team top notch, your equipment never leaves my joints feeling ache and you supply delicious beverages. You are the first gym I have ever looked forwarded to attending!!!

-Joy T


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At T4L we want you to achieve your greatest goals in health and fitness. We are truly inspired by our community and their amazing success stories! Check out what our members have to say. Come on in and tell us your story and we will help you achieve your goals! 




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"It was just a few short months ago, late May to be exact, I was physically and mentally in an unhealthy state and my weight had ballooned up to 320 pounds. I kept telling myself I was the same size I’ve always been… Stagnant at work and ashamed at how I had done absolutely nothing to change my ways. I watched my wife transform herself at Train4Life for the “Day of Champions” competition, from there a spark was ignited… I set a goal for myself, to lose 100 pounds in a year!! With that, I joined Train4Life and signed up for twice a week of training, plus the use of the self-guided App on my off-days. 
My motivation is simple, I want to be a healthier person, to be there for my wife and son and especially for me. To keep focus, I set goals for myself that in the end, will help me reach that final goal. In September, I competed in a shred competition and in 8 very short weeks lost 26 pounds. Meal preparation, protein shakes and supplements have helped me keep my daily focus. Without that, it’s so easy to go back to the same ritual of picking up a “quick bite” or skipping meals. So as December approaches, and the Holiday stress start to build, you know where I will be. Train4Life has me pointed in the right direction, I feel great and I’m more than half way to my goal. 

Awesome place from day one you feel like family and never feel you are being judged staff are very helpful and the owner is an amazing guy

-Benjamin M

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Chris Mildrum