What is HIIT4Life?



This individualized training services is designed to provide beginners, intermediate and advance exercises with a time-efficient, highly effective exercise program.

HIIT4Life is the newest personal training innovation from Train4Life. Each HIIT4Life session is designed to be between 30-45 minutes long and includes both a warm up and a cool down period to maximize safety as well as results. All HIIT4Life sessions are led by a certified personal trainer who is there to structure the workout and provide motivation and guidance along the way. This ensures all HIIT4Life sessions offer scalability to people of all fitness levels, and are safe for newcomers as well as veteran workout enthusiasts alike. HIIT4Life sessions are not treated like a traditional workout class, designed around the one size fits all mindset. These sessions are designed to help you push your limits in a safe manner.


HIIT4Life sessions consist of HIIT (high intensity interval training) movements. These movements are the core of the HIIT4Life workout sessions. Wrapped around these movements are a routine of resistance training, cardio, stretching and more to ensure every workout is a fully body experience. By designing these workouts from the ground up to ensure safety as well as results the HIIT4Life is able to provide results for people of all ages and fitness levels. All workouts are fully scalable to your abilities, fitness levels, and health.

  • 2x week of HIIT4Life sessions $180 

  •  3x week of HIIT4Life sessions $250

  • Plus $29 Usage Fee Monthly


  • Unlimited 24-hour access to the club

  • Unlimited use of the Train4Life program and online personal training

  • Coaching and nutrition

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Access to free in-house seminars

  • Fitness evaluation

HIIT4Life Cost